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The Next Level

Approved electrician

Two years after completion of  the Electrical Installation Apprenticeship, apprentices/trainees have the opportunity to undergo a further assessment called the Approved Competence Assessment (ACA) to achieve the designation of an approved electrician. This allows you to showcase an elevated level of competence and expertise in the field.


Competency Recognition

CEC Scheme

If you are, or have been working as an Installation Electrician and have a substantial amount of years of experience in the trade, out-with your electrical apprenticeship, ensure that your competence is recognised.
This scheme is primarily for practicing electricians who want to obtain industry-recognised qualifications, allowing them to qualify for SJIB grading.
The CEC scheme enables candidates to have their previous experience and/or qualifications assessed, so that any skills or qualification requirements can be identified. The candidate can then upgrade their skills either at a college or in the workplace. Once qualified, candidates can then apply for an SJIB grade card as an electrician.
If you are a practicing electrician and have substantial experience please read the guidance below.