Become An Apprentice

Why Become an Electrician?

The modern world as we know it would be unsustainable without electricians. Electricity is an indispensable resource that is essential for providing lighting, power, and heating & renewable technologies to industrial, commercial, and residential buildings.

Nevertheless, electricity poses significant risks unless stringent safety procedures and practices are adhered to consistently. This underscores the critical importance of well-trained electricians.

Whether it’s the installation of electricity in a residential home or a sprawling industrial facility, the demand for electricians remains constant. The requisite skills, knowledge, and expertise are consistently essential to ensure the safe and effective use of electricity in diverse settings.

Where could the future take me?

Career Prospects

The electrical installation sector stands out as one of the industries most susceptible to continuous technological progress.

In response to this ongoing evolution, the industry has formulated career trajectories and training programs to ensure that professionals within it can stay at the forefront of the latest advancements.

Managing Director
Contracts Manager
Project Manager
Senior Estimator
Site Engineer

Approved Electrician
Company Owner

What will happen?

What’s involved?

During your apprenticeship you’ll work on-site with your employer and study at college to gain skills, knowledge and experience. 

college education

Apprentices consistently find the hands-on aspects of their course quite enjoyable. Nevertheless, becoming an electrician entails grasping the theoretical underpinnings of the practical work. To excel in their journey, aspiring electricians must be willing to put in the effort required to attain a comprehensive understanding of all the subjects covered.


On-site work experience

In addition to completing coursework, apprentices are obligated to furnish evidence of their on-site work experiences with their employer. This documentation process is facilitated through an electronic system known as OneFile, which efficiently tracks, manages, and delivers various types of work within an e-Portfolio.



What Support Will I RecEIve?

Training Officer:

Whether you’re an apprentice or an adult trainee, you’ll receive invaluable guidance and supervision from a dedicated SECTT Training Officer. Their primary objective is to ensure your successful completion of the comprehensive training.

The key responsibilities of the Training Officer encompass:

  • Monitoring your progress throughout the entire apprenticeship journey.
  • Providing timely support, advice, and motivation.
  • Cultivating strong partnerships with colleges and employers.
  • Conducting regular reviews at colleges and on-site to gather feedback from college lecturers and employer representatives.
  • Addressing any issues that may arise regarding your progress, including liaising with employers when necessary.

All our Training Officers are seasoned electricians with extensive industry experience, coupled with a deep understanding of the apprenticeship scheme.

additional support:

Individuals undergoing the SECTT Pre-Employment Assessment can request additional support if they provide evidence of what is required. 

This support may include:

  • Extending the allocated time for completing the assessment.
  • Providing a reader or scribe to assist during the assessment.
  • Conducting the assessment in a one-on-one setting.

Each college delivering the apprenticeship program has its own additional support department. If an apprentice expresses the need for extra support while attending college, close collaboration between the college and SECTT ensures that appropriate assistance is provided.

our competitions

compete to be the best

If you’re eager to showcase your newfound skills and put your talents to the test, SECTT organises annual competitions where top apprentices from across the nation can compete head-to-head. 

+ SECTT Apprentice of the Year (1st & 2nd year)

Towards the end of the academic year, each SECTT Training Officer collaborates with college lecturers to select an overall first and second-stage apprentice of the year for their respective colleges. The chosen candidates are those who have consistently excelled in aspects such as attendance, punctuality, attitude, and the quality of practical and theoretical work at college. They should also be performing impressively on-site with their employers.

The competition unfolds in three regional heats covering the north, west, and east regions of the country, incorporating all 22 approved centres. Each heat consists of the same competition piece, involving a three-and-a-half-hour practical installation and a one-hour theory question paper. The winners from each regional heat advance to the Apprentice of the Year final in Edinburgh, where a final interview is conducted. Gold, silver, and bronze medals are awarded for both the first and second stage competitions, ultimately determining the overall Scottish First and Second Stage Apprentice of the Year.

+ SkillELECTRIC (UK National Competition & More!)

SkillELECTRIC is a prestigious competition seeking the United Kingdom’s most exceptional young electricians and is considered the premier skills competition in the UK’s electrical industry. This event is coordinated by the registered charity NET, which manages and develops industry assessments of occupational competence in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland on behalf of the industry.

SECTT collaborates closely with NET to contribute to the development of competition components and also participates as judges during the heats and finals. Each year, the finest electrical apprentices and newly qualified electricians from across the UK compete in regional heats, striving for a place in the competition’s grand final.

The outcomes of all the heats are consolidated, and WorldSkills UK ensures the quality of the results while notifying the finalists. These finalists then compete in the UK National Final held at the NEC in Birmingham, which is part of the WorldSkills UK Live event. Exceptionally talented individuals also have the opportunity to represent their country at EuroSkills and WorldSkills events worldwide.

The EuroSkills and WorldSkills Team UK squad is composed of high-scoring, age-eligible finalists and typically consists of around four candidates. They receive intensive training across various areas from a WorldSkills UK expert. The squad is then progressively narrowed down until the final candidate is chosen to proudly represent their country at Euro and WorldSkills competitions.



We’ve supported many apprentices and adult trainees on their journey to a career in the electrical industry.

Iain Currie

Contracts Manager, Derek Mitchell Electrical Ltd

Opening Doors

This career path started when I sat the SECTT Pre-Employment Assessment, which opened up lots of career doors for me. Without SECTT, I would not be in the job I enjoy so much.

Melanie Smith

Ex-apprentice who passed FICA in Sept 2019


As a female on a large site and coming into the job itself, I was slightly scared at the beginning. I wondered what people would think of me and if I would manage to do it, but everyone I’ve worked with has been so amazing and supported me through my apprenticeship.

Pamela Duffy

Ex-apprentice who passed FICA in August 2019

Practice and Theory Work

Over the last four years of my apprenticeship I have really enjoyed the experience of both working on site and in the college. The skills I gained at college from both practical work and theory work really helped me when I was working on building sites with the council.



Should I Apply?

Applicants with Maths, English and Science subjects at National 5 level or above are best suited to perform well on the SCQF Level 7 qualification in Electrical Installation but the entry assessment is open to everyone.

When will I hear about doing the assessment?

You will receive an automated email confirmation once you have submitted your online application (check inbox and junk mail folder).  Be aware we receive a large volume of applications and we work through them in date order. You will be contacted by email and text message as soon as a date becomes available. If you haven’t received a date within two months of submitting your application then contact us here

What do I need to sit the Online Assessment?

The assessment must be undertaken on either a laptop or a desktop computer.  This same device can also be used to access the meeting if it has a webcam.  If your laptop or desktop computer does not have a webcam you will have to login to the meeting separately on a mobile device.

What is in the assessment?

This assessment has 45 Numeracy questions and 25 Technical comprehension questions, you will have 1 hour to complete. You are not permitted to use a calculator, but can use pen and paper to do workings as required. Please be aware SECTT will not issue the required pass mark.


What will happen after the test?

You should receive an email with your results within 2 weeks. This will simply be a pass or fail and no feedback will be given.


Will you find me an employer?

It is your responsibility to find employment. We recommend you should contact employers in your area with your CV. Use a search engine such as www.yell.co.uk to look for electrical contractors.

What happens if I do not attend?

It is important if you are invited to attend an assessment that you do attend.  Failure to do so without prior notification would see your application being suspended.

What additional support requirements do you provide?

SECTT wishes to assist and support all applicants with their Pre-employment Assessment. Please give details of any support needs you may have (e.g. dyslexia, learning difficulties, etc.). 

Use the upload button to submit any supporting evidence as without evidence we are unable to assist. 
This information will not affect your application for the SJIB Apprentice Training Scheme. 


get ready

To prepare for registration ensure you have your personal particulars readily available, such as your National Insurance Number and SQA Registration Number.


The first step is to your Apprenticeship/Training is to register with SECTT for the Pre-Employment Assessment.


After you have registered you will be required to complete your assessment covering both technical comprehension and numeracy online under exam conditions by an invigilator.