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Employ An Apprentice or Adult Trainee

Why take on an apprentice or Adult Trainee?

There are many benefits to having an Apprentice or Adult Trainee to help your business develop. They are a valuable asset who can be trained to suit your business requirements.

Apprenticeships are an increasingly attractive option for employers of all sizes wanting to bring new talent into their business.

Not only do apprenticeships offer young people the chance to kick-start a fulfilling career in the electrical industry but there are a wealth of benefits for the businesses that take them on. Adult traineeship gives an opportunity to reward existing employees who have gained the necessary onsite experience to progress to Tradesperson status.

An additional team member, trained to align with your business’s needs, proves beneficial in both the short and long term.

What support will I receive?

Employer Support

SECTT offers support and assistance in various areas, including:


  • Meeting with you to discuss the course and your work type, ensuring you can provide relevant on-site experience to the apprentice.
  • Guiding you on health and safety requirements.
  • Supplying a list of successful Pre-Employment Assessment candidates seeking apprenticeships.
  • Furnishing a roster of potential apprentices and adult trainees who excelled in pre-apprenticeship courses and actively seek opportunities. College-facilitated interviews are possible.
  • A Training Officer will monitor and support your apprentice or adult trainee throughout their apprenticeship, addressing any concerns you may have.
  • Providing login details to the OneFile system, allowing you to track your apprentice or adult trainee’s progress.
  • You will receive performance feedback on your apprentice or adult trainee at college through reviews accessible on OneFile.
  • The Training Officer will conduct on-site visits to discuss your apprentice or adult trainee’s progress with both the individual and a company representative.

Throughout the apprenticeship, SECTT will cover the expenses for the following:


  • All Stage 1, 2, and 3 registration and college fees.
  • Necessary course materials, such as IET Wiring Regulations and On-site Guide.
  • Registration on online support systems for apprentices and employers.
  • Courses designed to address any gaps in the apprentice’s knowledge before their Final Integrated Competence Assessment (FICA).
  • The initial attempt at the FICA, along with a contribution towards travel and accommodation. However, charges for any necessary resits will not be covered.

Employer on-site training support, travel, and accommodation expenses undergo an annual review by the Trustees of SECTT in December each year. For the latest details, refer to the updated information from your SECTT Training Officer.

Please note the above is subject to funding by Skills Development Scotland.

How do I hire?

Hiring an apprentice

Employers have the flexibility to include an existing apprentice in the program or opt to recruit one through SECTT. Regional Training Officers are available to provide assistance as needed. 


To enrol an apprentice, the individual must meet the following criteria:

  • Age 16 or above.
  • Employed by an electrical contractor.
  • Reside in Scotland.

Adult Trainee

For apprentices aged 22 or older with a minimum of one year’s electrical experience, there is an alternative path known as the adult trainee route. This option entails less time spent at college due to the practical experience already acquired on-site.



Why should I take on an apprentice?

Apprentices fufill a specific role on site and can assist tradesperson on site.  Whilst they are doing this they are learning valuable skills which in  turn will help employers grow their business. 

What will the training cost be?

Training fees will be paid for however you will need to cover wages whilst the apprentice/trainee is at college.  You may also be eligible for funding grants depending on a few factors, again this is described in the SECTT Apprenticeship Brochure in downloads.

What are the current wage rates for apprentices?

The SJIB apprentice wage rates can be obtained from their website

Why am I being contacted by SDS?

The Funding payment system that helps fund your apprenticeship is governed by SDS FIPS system and to allow them to check the money is being used correctly they contact all apprentices and employers from time to time. 

Who can I contact for more information?

We will only be too happy to discuss your needs. To start an Apprentice/Adult Trainee please contact us or phone 0131 445 5659.



We’ve supported many employers throughout their apprenticeship and adult trainee journeys in the electrical industry.

Iain Currie

Derek Mitchell Electricial Ltd


Employing apprentices in conjunction with SECTT has proven to be invaluable as the level of training and help they get is superior.

Derek Grindlay

John McNicol & Co (Electrical Engineers) Ltd


We have been recruiting and training our apprentices in conjunction with SECTT for over two decades. I think that speaks for itself. Recruiting from the pre-app course gives us a better understanding of who you are employing, as the apprentice arrives with you that little bit more mature and safety conscious than they would have done coming straight from school. The assistance and notifications regarding our apprentices which we receive from both the Training Officer and the college lecturers are much valued and enable us to act quickly on the apprentices advancement.

Martin Gemmell

Magnus Electrical Services

Confidence through training

Magnus Electrical Services has taken on apprentices from the pre-app course at West College Scotland for a number of years and we’ve found the course does a fantastic job of preparing them. It gives them great insight into lots of aspects of the electrical industry, including hand tool skills, knowledge of materials and accessories, and uses and installation methods for various forms of containment. All of our apprentices speak highly of the guidance and training they received while on the course and how their confidence has grown over the coursework, both in their own abilities and in interacting with others in a working environment.


your requirements

To prepare for registration ensure you have your company details to hand as well as an idea of the intake requirements for your business.


The first step is to employing your Apprentice or Adult Trainee is to complete our Employers form. Once we recieve your details one of our Training Officer will be in touch.