Making Scotland’s Future Engineering

Danny and Frankie

SECTT Training Officers Frankie Grieg (WCS Paisley & Glasgow Kelvin apprentices) and Danny Flannigan (Ayrshire apprentices and WCS Paisley adult trainees) participated in the Making Scotland’s Future Engineering event.

This event provided valuable Career Long Professional Learning opportunities for teachers and facilitated SECTT’s engagement with educators, aiming to shape the aspirations of young minds. The event was carefully crafted to empower teachers with the knowledge and resources to inspire the next generation.

Barrie McKay, SECTT’s Training and Development Manager, said, “This event allowed us to engage with professionals working with young people across primary, secondary, and further education. The significant turnout reflects a promising trend wherein many schools, particularly primary schools, are prioritising STEM subjects. Such emphasis ignites children’s enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, intending to help them realise the inclusive potential of these fields for their future careers.”

Date Published

March 20, 2024


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